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"This past Summer, I celebrated my 50th B-Day in Paris...this time, I experienced a greater sense of appreciation for life, love, and deep sense of connection...The French Life is something to behold, it embraces the very source of my soul....and it inspired me to create rewarding French experiences, Fun parties, and Special travel from LA to Paris..." Carlos, Founder The Beauty Foodie Club

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Rewarding Beauty Foodie Members Paris Trips

To the Best Chocolate + Culinary+  Wine Festivals

Le Grand Tasting (Dec. 2019) + Omnivore (Mar. 2020) + Salon Du Chocolat ( Oct. 2019)

Escape to Paris 2018

How to Get Started?

Join The Beauty Foodie Club; we are the Only Club helping members fund fulfilling life experiences. With the help of Recruiting for Good, club members collaborate to fund their amazing 7 Day Paris Trips (are for 2 people) to share with a BFF, daughter, or significant other.

To Become a Beauty Foodie Club Member or Have Questions

Email Carlos@TheBeautyFoodie.Club

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