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    Rewarding 100 Trips

New Birthday in Paris

Want to Gift or Celebrate Your Next B-Day in Paris with a BFF?

Paris is Perfect to celebrate your 40th or 50th B-Day....come experience life differently.....we help women fund gift special B-Days!

Join The Beauty Foodie Club; a personal invite only service helping members fund gift special B-Day Paris trips. We're only rewarding funding for 100 trips over the next 5 years. We're carefully selecting club members who appreciate our service, are remarkable, and share fun values.

Our high purpose 'Celebrating Women' travel funding service is personal and confidential, if you are interested in gifting a Paris trip or want to invite a BFF for your B-Day; first come to our monthly Party Celebrating Women.

First Step Let's Meet in Person

Come to Our Next Fun Party, Stay tuned for the Next Fun Beauty Foodie Party.

Can't make it the the party? Email Susan@OurMomsWork.org to set up an appointment to meet and discuss your B-Day Trip or a B-Day Trip you love to gift your BFF; and we will talk about how we collaborate to fund gift awesome Paris trips.

Why Paris

Escape to Paris 2018

"This past Summer, I celebrated my 50th B-Day in Paris...this time, I experienced a greater sense of appreciation for life, love, and deep sense of connection...The French Life is something to behold, it embraces the very source of my soul....and it inspired me to create rewarding French experiences, Fun parties, and Special travel from LA to Paris..." Carlos, Our Moms Work Advocate and Founder Co-Op Celebrating Women

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