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our moms work in santa monica

"We're launching Our Moms Work in Santa Monica because the community champions; diversity, equality, and inclusion."

A Fun Mission

We celebrate and help moms find jobs they love. 

We develop purposeful relationships with companies and nonprofits that love to hire moms. And create meaningful events and services; making it easier and fun for moms to find great jobs. 

We love to serve moms that have volunteered with the Boy/Girl Scouts, nonprofits, and school (PTA/PTO).

Every day is joyous, when we call a mom and say, "You Got the Job!"

Join Our Moms Work to Start Today

Have Fun & Find a Job You Love

Join Recruiting for Good founder, Carlos for a fun lunch in Santa Monica.

Enjoy the food, meet like-minded awesome moms, and find a job you love.

Email Susan@OurMomsWork.org to reserve your spot for our next lunch.

Helping Nonprofits Hire Moms

Our Moms Work was created by Recruiting for Good, a staffing agency helping companies find the best Accounting/Finance, Engineering, and IT talent, since 1998. Their placements help fund Our Moms Work; job fairs, mentoring lunches, and placement services.

We offer cost free recruiting services for nonprofits that hire "Our Moms."

Nonprofits that Love to Hire Moms...contact Carlos@OurMomsWork.Org to start today.

Good Companies Love to Help Moms

Does your company want to hire moms? Contact Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com to help our moms work today.

Join to Help Our Moms Work Today

Do you work at a company that is hiring professional staff or have a friend or family member who does? Simply, introduce us to the CEO, VP of HR, or CFO. With your help, we connect moms to great jobs and change their life for good.

Do you know a mom in L.A. who is looking for a job and has volunteered in Boy/Girl Scouts, nonprofits, or PTA? Refer them to Carlos@OurMomsWork.org


Carlos Cymerman, Founder

"When I was in junior high school, my mom decided to go back to work to feel empowered and fulfilled. My mom was driven by her passion to be creative; and as a paid actor, she found her voice, and the financial freedom to take care of me and my sisters."

"I honor my mom by using my recruiting talent to support Our Moms Work, and sponsor purposeful education, and fun parties for good."

Recruiting for Good since 1998, a Santa Monica based staffing agency has been connecting talented professionals to great jobs, and generating proceeds to help support causes, social projects, and sponsor creative events.

"I am blessed to excel and love my profession it has transformed my life and community. And look forward to continue serving moms, and helping them find jobs they love."

Before recruiting, I was in grad school studying to be a therapist, and worked for several years as a teacher. All my work experience and values inspired by my mom, made me a deeply caring and passion driven man.


Susan Love Loughmiller, Chief Opportunity Officer (Creating Abundance Often)

"I want our actions to tell every child, in every neighborhood: Your life matters, and we are as committed to improving your life chances as we are for our own kids."
--Barack Obama

Susan Love Loughmiller is a longtime activist in Santa Monica and surrounding Westside Los Angeles communities. She was an award-winning journalist for 20-plus years at major metropolitan newspapers around the country until the birth of her first child, Matilda, whom she parented singly while working fulltime in the nonprofit community. She is the recipient of the Communitas Award in Santa Monica for her lifelong body of volunteer work. She works in the executive offices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and outside of work she enjoys design, reading and editing, singing, playing drums, and being a Mom. Her daughter is attending college where she is studying to become a band director.

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